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1-on-1 Coaching

We give people the skills and support to become their healthiest and strongest version of themselves in 3 months!

3 Month 1-on-1 Program

For daily 1-on-1 guidance and accountability to reach your goals


Exercise is such a vital part of your health & wellness journey. During the 3 month 1-on-1 coaching program, your 1-on-1 coach will help you choose an exercise program. Exercise programs are video-based which you can stream off your phone, tablet or television. You are able to do your workouts from home or on the go and in a time that is best suited to you and your life. The workouts range from 30-60 minutes and offer both high and low impact variations. Each day, you and your coach will discuss your workout and you will get detailed feedback and motivation to help you reach your goals. 


Your 1-on-1 coach will ensure that you are on the correct nutrition plan for your personal goals. You and your coach will talk in depth about nutrition and help build your understanding of what a well balanced plate should look like, as well as how to build your plate and meals to be healthy, delicious and sustainable. This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle. You will recieve your nutrition guideline and everyday, you will send your food pictures to your coach and get detailed feedback of your plates. Your coach will keep you accountable, while providing great tips and tricks on how to make eating simple, enjoyable and sustainable. 


Changing habits and lifestyle is hard to do alone. Your 1-on-1 coach is there for you every step of your journey. This is unmatched daily support to help you reach your goals. Your 1-on-1 coach is not there to judge or condemn you, but to be your biggest cheerleader and support. You will be in an accountability messaging group with your coach where you will share your food pictures, your exercise recap and chat through any challenges or extra support you may need. You will also have monthly video check-ins with your coach to evaluate your progress, set new goals and intentions and build into the next month. 

Real People. Real Results. 


3 Month Challenge Outline


  • Welcome & accountability group set up 

  • 60 minute onboarding video call 

  • Process overview

  • Equipment needed to win


  • Set up of accountability group 

  • Expectations of the partnership 

  • Staying the course 

  • Daily communication

  • Monthly video check-ins


  • Talking through the non-restrictive approach

  • Walk through of the nutrition program 

  • Grocery shopping tips 

  • Sending meals to coach


  • Video check-in during onboarding 

  • Monthly video check-ins, progress and goal adjustments 

  • Final check out 


  • Choosing the exercise program 

  • 3-5 workouts per week 

  • Train at own pace 

  • Constant feedback and adjustments

The Path Forward

  • Setting you up for sustainable long term success 

  • Guiding you on the next steps 

  • Celebrating the wins


Seri Kravitz



South African, Australian and married to an American

Proudest Sporting Achievement: 

Playing with and against the best players in the world, representing two different countries and attending multiple World Championships. 

Proudest Personal Achievement: 

Becoming a mamma.

Favorite Food


Favorite Workout Style

HIIT with dumbbells. I love high cardio with the added strength which helps build lean muscle. 

Why I Love Coaching

I love helping others unlock something within themselves that makes them feel fantastic both physically and mentally.

Best Health Wisdom

Comparisons are the thief of all joy!

What You Need To Know About Me

Serving others is my love language. I will be in your corner every step of your journey, pushing and motivating you on the good and bad days, with zero judgement. Click here read more about me and my story.

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