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Meet Seri

Hi, I'm Seri, a South African native now living in the USA. I am a wife to Jay, a dog mom to Kodi and Luna, a human mom to Kaia, with baby boy arriving early March 2023. Life is FULL!


 A large part of my life was spent in a swimming pool, where I played professional water polo. I have represented South Africa and Australia while also playing for Arizona State University in between. I moved home to South Africa to be with my family and that is where I met my husband who is a quirky NASA scientist. After 5 years back in South Africa, we moved our family to the USA where we are currently in Nashville, Tennessee. 

When COVID hit, I like many others, wasn't sure what was next and before I knew it, I found myself giving live workout classes online to thousands of people. I was given the opportunity to foster and develop my passion for business, leadership, fast paced environments and love for community and people. I was able to use health and wellness to inspire, motivate and encourage others, while being my true authentic self. 

3 years later and now I am here! Ready for the next adventure of growing my own platform, working on projects I am super passionate about and providing an authentic space of health, wellness and mommy-hood. 

Seri Studio Shoot
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