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Courses have multiple meanings. For a ship or a aircraft, a course is the route or direction that they follow. In an educational sense, courses are a series of lessons on a particular subject to gain knowledge or qualification. I like to marry those two meanings together and use a course as a series of lessons that help you follow your own route or direction in the most powerful and intentional way. 

About my courses

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Mental Strength

A 10 module video course speaking about mental strength, where I speak about my experiences, how my mental strength was consistently tested and what I learnt through it. This is not like your average course - I am very honest and vulnerable while asking the hard questions in take away "homework". 

The course consists of the following modules: 

Module  1: Embracing Failure

Module 2: No room for stinking thinking

Module 3 Fake it till you make it. 

Module 4: The importance of your team

Module 5: What do we need to let go of?

Module 6: Your worth does not lie in what you do

Module 7: Constantly reinventing yourself

Module 8: See criticism as the foundation of success

Module 9: Food for thought

Module 10: You get to choose joy

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

A 10 module video course all about self confidence. I speak about my experiences with comparisons, resilience, realizing my "authentic you", learning to be comfortable in my own skin and dancing like nobody is watching. 

The course consists of the following modules: 

Module 1:  The glue that makes up you

Module 2: Understanding self confidence

Module 3: Altering your self image 

Module 4: Being your own hype-woman

Module 5: Setting yourself achievable goals

Module 6: Resilience is key to success

Module 7: Authentic you

Module 8: The power of vulnerability

Module 9: Being comfortable in your own skin

Module 10: Dance like nobody is watching

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