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My Fitness Journey

I have always been extremely active and as a child I played every sport I could, representing my State in hockey, swimming, athletics and water polo. Water Polo became my true love and I very quickly advanced through the ranks and found myself in the South African National team at 16 years old. I had big goals and wanted to be one of the best players in the world but I was not going to achieve that by staying in South Africa. I managed to get a full scholarship to Arizona State University, where I studied my undergraduate degree while playing Division 1 water polo. I was playing in one of the best teams in the country and against some of the best players in the world. A chapter in my life that I am so grateful for. I was blessed to work with some of the best athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, as well as water polo coaches, while studying and making life long friends. While I was in the USA, I continued to play with South Africa, and represented them at multiple World Championships and other major tournaments. When I graduated from ASU, I knew my water polo journey wasn't over yet and was blessed to play in the National League in Australia. While there, I was asked to join the Australian Women's National team and I went through the process of receiving my Australian citizenship. Another insanely amazing blessing that the sport brought to my life. I was priviledged to play with the Aussie Stingers while also playing for my National League team for four years. When I decided to retire in 2015, I felt I had the most amazing career and that the sport gave me so much, for which I am forever grateful. I moved back to South Africa and started my coaching journey, coaching universities, schools, provincial and national teams. During my playing and coaching career, I was surrounded by highly skilled professionals where I learnt so much about strength and conditioning, sports science and people management. Helping others perform at their optimal, while knowing how to manage and get the most out of them, was a process and joy to work on. When COVID hit, I joined the most amazing online fitness platform called JEFF Fitness, where I became one of the main instructors leading live daily workouts. These workouts had thousands of people joining live each day and the platform very quickly grew and expanded. I found my passion in motivating others through health and fitness. I was blessed to lead a community through multiple programs ranging from HIIT, strength, courses and more. I learnt even more about strength and conditioning, programming, coaching and motivation. My passion to help others has continuously evolved which has led me to starting this platform where I can continue to do what I love.

Exercise Programs in your home

Over the years I have created hundreds of online workout vides. Some that stand alone to do anytime and others that fall into 21 day and 45 day programs. 

These workouts are accessible to you online, where you can do these in your own time, at your own pace and wherever you are in the world. The programs and workouts range from HIIT, to Strength, Cardio, Core and more. There are so many options based off of what you are looking for. 

You can add dumbbells and weights or do it body weight. You can do the high or low impact variations and take as many power rests as you need along the way. The programs and workouts are designed to be accessible from anywhere you need them at anytime you want to do them. 

Program and workout offerings are below: 


A Jolly Good Time with Seri & Jay

Join Seri and Jay for a 2 week challenge to get you through any holiday season, or use it as a 2 week program. 


The challenge is simple, complete 8 workouts across the two weeks OR across your holiday season. Enjoy the holiday period while still keeping your body active. 

These 40 minute workouts will be a fuse of high cardio, strength and interval training, incorporating different formats to keep it interesting. There will be low impact variations,  plenty power rests and potentially a few voms from Jay :)


Reset with Intent with Becs & Seri

Join Seri and Becs on a special 6 week program that is packed with purpose and intent. 


The challenge will include 6 weeks of workouts that build foundation and high heart rate to your training, while keeping you laughing and smiling throughout. 

The challenge has weekly themes where we utilize different equipment. We use a skipping rope, a med ball, dumbbells, a booty band and a chair to create fun and fresh workouts that will be high in cardio, strength and fun. The time flies for these 40 minute workouts. 

We give low impact variations and equipment variations and the 6 weeks build in a beautiful way for you to get maximum results. 

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Strength with Seri & Jay

Join Seri on this Intentional Goal Setting Course and start 2023 by designing and creating your year with PURPOSE. 

In this 10 module video course, we will talk about prioritizing ourselves,  not allowing failure to stand in our way, all while helping you to know where to start and how to set SMART goals.

I will talk through my experiences, while leaving you with questions and "homework" to ponder on. We will design our 2023 goals together as we start our year with purpose. 

The course will be 5-18 December BUT you can do this on self pace, allowing you to progress through the modules in your own time. The course will have 10 video modules and will cost R250 ($15). You will get access to a private Facebook group where we can interact and talk through our "homework" and share openly and freely, as well as interaction on the JEFF webapp group. 

Sign ups will open mid December. 

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