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Craving something more than "mama"!

Motherhood has been one of the biggest adventures and blessings in my life. I am still a relatively new mom to an 18 month old, but one of the biggest revelations I have had so far on my journey, is that I need something more in my life than "mama".

No one tells you, but once you become a mom, you get a lot of outside feedback, suggestions, judgement and pressure. Pressure to do it "right". Being a mom can be done in so many ways and I don't believe that there is a right or wrong way. There are single moms, working moms, stay at home moms, traveling moms, moms who have experienced loss... the list goes on... It is impossible to have a "one size fits all" for women, when all of our circumstances are so different.

When I fell pregnant, I had no clue how motherhood would change me, how I would be as a mom or what I would want to do work wise. Now that I have had my short 18 months in motherhood, I have realized that I LOVE being a mom but it alone, is not enough for me. I love being with my child but I also love being away from her. It has taken me a while to say that guilt free. My identity and self worth is not wrapped up in what I do but rather in who I am. So who am I? I am goal driven, high energy and motivated to push the boundaries. I am a woman of great capacity and I have a desire to achieve and succeed in both my personal and professional life. Being in the work space is where I thrive.

I sometimes question if I am being selfish by wanting more than "mom". I see other mamma's selflessly pouring themselves and their time into their children all day long and feel the guilt for not wanting that for myself. This is when I truly understand that comparisons are the thief of all joy. I have to remind myself that each woman is different and has her own aspirations and goals, both personally and for her motherhood journey. I also understand that some women would do anything to be a stay at home mom but finances and life don't allow for it. Once i get passed the comparisons and look internally, I truly believe that I am a better mom when I am working and doing something that fills my cup. My daughter gets the best of me because I am feeling fulfilled in more areas than one and I watch her flourishing daily at play school. I just have to change the lens that I look at motherhood from, take the pressure off to remind myself, that me and my goals did not disappear the minute I became a mom and it is okay to do other things too. I get to write my own story and do motherhood in a way that is authentic and unique to me and our family.

So here I am, a mama to one with another baby on the way, striving to be a badass business woman, while juggling all the balls. I have talked about "doing my own thing" for years and now I am finally here, creating and doing it! I have big goals and dreams for this platform and as I slowly chip away at it, I hope to share my journey with you as I grow and develop. From blogs, to fitness, podcasts and more, I am so excited to navigate this next chapter of my life and hope that you come along for the journey.

From me to you,



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